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Bella laughed softly in agreement. Mentally thanking her lucky stars that Kelsey didn’t remember, she slipped on her bandeaux, followed by her airy, cropped white tank. Was it wrong that she was glad that she herself at least remembered? That the memory of her and Kelsey would be locked away in the back of her mind? Granted, it would be pressed against her skull, rattling and begging to be released. But Bella had managed to keep her secret thus far. How much longer could forever be?

The realization that her opportunity had passed set a stone of dread in her gut. While she smiled and nodded along with their plans for the day, guilt and yearning stirred her viscerally. Instead, her lips stretched with a grin.

"Oh yeah, because what I really need during swimsuit season are some muffins and croissants," She giggled, throwing her hair back up in a high bun. Under the unforgiving sun, the heat only reflected off of the leather seats in her 2001 Subaru, singeing her skin if she leaned forward towards the wheel for too long. Bella threw her things into her bag, just in time to glance up at Kelsey’s own attire. Heat rose to her cheeks, and her eyes cast a hungry, forbidden stare at Kelsey’s legs and smooth back as she pranced around the room picking up trash. When Kelsey turned around, Bella’s eyes went down to her bag.

"Yeah, the zipper was jammed, but now I’m ready, too!" She answered a little too quickly. Keeping this secret was getting harder and harder now that she not only knew what was under Kelsey’s skimpy attire, but what Bella could do to her when those shreds of clothing wound up on the floor. Temptation made her itch, but she headed for the door quickly, opening up. "Shit, we have five minutes before some angry maid chases us out," She spat, looking at her phone and giggling. "Race ya," she smirked over her shoulder before running down the hall, the wheels on her duffle bag scrapping and humming against the concrete.

"Bella if you think one pastry will ruin your body you’re crazy. There isn’t an inch of fat anywhere on.. you’re crazy," she said, stopping herself before she said too much. So she’d lied. She’d just told her best friend since forever that she didn’t remember anything of their night together, the kisses and the touches, nothing. She could keep a secret.. for like two hours.. this would not end well.

"Keep up babe, San Francisco waits for no one," she rattled off as she finished up and made sure the room looked like two girls heading off to college had in fact not fucked in it all night long. Never in her life had Kelsey seen Bella move as fast as she just had. "You could just charm the pants off her," Kelsey teased, the realization of what she’d just insinuated hitting her a moment later. Thankfully Bella was already out of the room and racing down the hallway, her amber eyes roaming down her fit body before picking up her bag and racing behind her. "No fair," she called out as she tried to keep up the best she could. "Your legs are so much longer," she called out again even though that wasn’t true. One of the great feats of their relationship was that they were both just about the same size, fun sized they like to call it, well Kels did.

The brunette continud to run behind her until she could no longer keep up, her long strides turning into jogging as she fought to keep her bag on her shoulder. “You win,” she pouted, crossing her arms over her chest but grinning nonetheless. “You won fair and square, what do ya want?”

Thread: Bed and Breakfasts


Bella’s breath was caught in her throat, cut off at the realization it was up to her to determine what today— and possibly even their friendship— would turn out to be. But Bella was scared, hung-over, and maybe it was her fight-or-flight instinct that kicked in, but something told her to lie.

"I dunno, all I remember was jumping on the bed and stuff," She forced herself to laugh softly as she ran a hand through her red waves. "I think I just got hot last night and thought it would be better to take my clothes off instead of just turn the AC on," She gestured to herself. Maybe last night was meant to be a one-time thing, an event that would help Bella get over her ‘phase’, which was what this had to be. Right? While her mind reeled with conflicting emotions, her head was also pounding.

"Yeah, I need something to drink— Water," Bella clarified, rising and heading for the sink. She dug into the suitcase on her way over to the bathroom half of the room and pulled out an outfit for the day. "Yeah, we better get going. What time is it? Like ten-thirty?" She asked, slipping on a thong and her high-waisted shorts. Being exposed in front of Kelsey now only felt strange because of Bella’s own concerns. But they always changed in front of each other and doing anything different would have given everything away.

"Alright, so we check-out, store, then hit the road. Wanna make a stop in San Francisco? I think it’s two hours away from here," Bella suggested.

She studied the girl for a moment and nodded, a tiny imperceptible nod that was more for herself than for her best friend. So she’d chosen to go with denial. Denial that anything had happened and chosen to continue to pretend like everything was as it was twelve hours ago. “Obviously,” she responded adding a bit of fake pep to her voice. She looked down at herself and smiled, her eyes moving back to Bella. “Looks like we were playing monkey see monkey do, too.” Kelsey leaned back onto the mattress, her head resting on the headboard even though she should be rising at any moment and getting dressed to head out.

"Just about," she responding nodding dejectedly as she tried not to wince due to her throbbing headache. Kelsey couldn’t help but watch as Bella slipped a thong on and began to get dressed. She was used to it, the nakedness that went along with their friendship since they did practically everything but go to the bathroom at the same time if there wasn’t more than one stall. Had nothing really changed? From what she could see Bella was determined to pretend nothing had.
Kelsey finally eased herself off of the bed, her sheet haphazardly secured around her frame as she walked towards her own luggage and began to pull out what she needed. “San Francisco? Ooh, yes please. I read they have some of the best pastry places there.”

Kelsey let the sheet cascade down her body even though all that was really revealed was her top half considering she was kneeling on the floor. She slipped on her bra and then stood, slipping her own thong up her legs. She’d gone for something comfortable for the two hours they’d be in the car, a loose off the shoulder crop trop and white shorts that bordered on the scandalous. The brunette began to pick up after themselves, crumpling the sheets on the bed and making sure to pick up the empty bottle from the night before and any other trash they’d left. “Ready when you are,” she said before sprinting into the bathroom with her toothbrush  “Okay, now I’m ready,” she giggled as she came back out a moment later.

Thread: Bed and Breakfasts


Bella chuckled, realizing Kelsey was awake. Her laugh was slightly uneasy, embarrassed. For the first time in their friendship, Isabella felt completely awkward. She knew the best course of action would be to act as if everything were normal and fine, but it wasn’t. At least, not until she gained verbal confirmation from the bare brunette lying in the bed before her. Bella wiped the sleep from her eyes, and planted herself down on the side of the bed.

"Um, how much of last night do you remember?" Bella sighed, asking Kelsey this slowly. Her gaze dropped to Kelsey’s hand in hers, and Bella interlaced her fingers with the smaller girl’s. Again, it was something that felt so right, it gave her chills in her spine and warmth in her cheeks. While her own memory was a little blurred, the general outline was clear. Certain details stood out more than others: the curve of Kelsey’s back as she arched into her orgasm, the way her plump lips felt when they were kissed, the way her wavy hair felt as Bella nestled her face into Kelsey’s shoulder. 

"I mean, we were both pretty drunk, but…Anyway, how’re you feeling?" Bella blabbered. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to skirt around the issue or not, refusing eye contact with Kelsey. If Kelsey didn’t remember any of it, which Bella wasn’t sure she could believe, it at least gave Bella an out. She could deny everything and come up with a bullshit reason for why they both woke up naked. Then again, did Bella want to live with this secret? She swallowed and looked up at Kelsey curiously.

Kelsey looked up at the girl she’d known her entire life and instantly knew something was wrong. The previous night was fuzzy but Kelsey wasn’t stupid. They’d drunk and excessive amount of alcohol, danced to the queen of all queens and then ended up having sex, was she forgetting something? She blinked and looked back up at Bella as she walked around the bed and sat off to the side. “That depends, how much do you want me to remember?” she asked back, her voice devoid of all emotion except curiosity.

She frowned but just as quickly let her face relax not wanting to give her emotions away. “A little hungover honestly, we might have to hit up a pharmacy while we’re on the road and stock up on Advil.” Even with the underlying tension that seemed to be enveloping them Kelsey continued to be herself. “What about you?You drank way more than me..” she asked, sitting up whislt making sure to keep the covers wrapped around her body. Kelsey looked at the clock on her phone, another frown furrowing her brows before she turned back to Bella. “Check out time’s at eleven right?”

Kelsey wondered if Bella would bring the events of last night up. Would it turn into an unspoken tryst between them? It’s not like she herself was bringing it up either so she definitely couldn’t complain.

Thread: Bed and Breakfasts


Bella hummed softly as the distant voice of Beyonce rang throughout her dream. She was in that foggy state between sleep and reality, where it wasn’t clear where the line was. A tickle of her own messed red hair on her nose as she laid in a field of sunflowers. The grass beneath her feet felt like scratchy motel sheets, the leaves were delicate like warm, soft skin pressed against her own. 

But the ipod she and Kelsey had forgotten to turn off the night before was still playing, and it slowly pulled Bella out of her dream. She was lying in the bed on her stomach, body bare and hair in tangles. Bella blinked a few times, her head pounding and mouth dry. She eyed the nearly-empty bottle of vodka on the nightstand before slithering out of bed to the Ipod. Normally, she’d feel more than awake and alive at the sound of the R&B goddess, but in her state of hangover? Not today. 

Bella wrapped one of the sheets from the bed around her and looked over at Kelsey, who was still on the bed. Bella’s vision was still a little foggy with the sleep in her eyes and she waved at Kelsey, not sure if she was awake or not. Her mind was still too groggy to fully register what had happened the night before, but as it started to fade away, she felt a pit drop in her stomach.

Kelsey knew.

Kelsey had been awake for about half an hour before Bella started stiring. What had she been thinking last night? The drinking right after a breakup, her vulnerability exposed to the monster and touchy feely person she turned into when she was drunk.. she couldn’t even remember what she’d said for the most part, just remembered other things.. feelings and.. She sighed quietly and hoped she didn’t wake Bella up, her hands ducking under the covers as she wrapped her arms around herself and shut her eyes closed to the light coming from the half open shades in their dingy motel room. 

When Bella got up to turn of the music she realized that’s what the voices had been, music. That’s how out of it she was, the pounding headache racking her brain making it difficult for her hazel eyes to open. She rolled over and tried to hide the smile as Bella waved her hand in front of her face. Did she think she was sleeping? 

"You’re not very slick," she groaned with her face buried in the pillows before remembering where they were and turning her head to the side. She peaked through her lashes and caught a sight of Bella, her body scantily covered in one of the sheets from the bed. So what she’d thought she’d dreamt.. it was real. The amazing sex and her best friends’ confession. It wasn’t just some elaborate dream. Kelsey finally opened her eyes and propped herself up on her elbow, her hand reaching out from under her own covers as she tried to grab a hold of Bella’s hand. "I can practically hear the gears turning in your head, what’s wrong Bells?" she asked even though she already knew.

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It was almost hard to concentrate. Bella was distracted by Kelsey’s flushed skin, a thin film of sweat formed over her forehead. It was amazing how the two of them always managed to turn a night around, though it was never done so in this way. Whenever either of them had been feeling down, whether it be a break-up, failing a test, or a fight with their parents, they had relied on one another to pick up the pieces. Bella wondered that if now, she had changed that.

She bit her bottom lip anxiously, worried that what she had said would deter Kelsey. It had to be weird, suddenly finding out that your best friend was in love with you. And obviously not straight. “Of course it’s you,” Bella couldn’t help but smile at the words, despite her worries. “It’s always been you.”It felt silly to be concerned that Kelsey would run out on her after what had just happened. Maybe it was because she had been afraid all along. Afraid to wipe her tears and kiss her lips so many times. Afraid make a seriously flirtatious comment every time Kelsey asked how something looked on her. Kelsey kissed Bella, and somehow, everything felt right.

"I like this, and I love you, too," Bella whispered, snuggling closer to Kelsey, wanting to stay like this until morning. "Do you want to go to sleep, or do you want to talk some more?"

Never in a million years would Kelsey have thought Bella liked her in any other way than a friend should. Maybe she just hadn’t been paying attention or she’d been distracted or was just plain up dense but she’d never guessed it just by thinking back and recounting their relationship. As Bella confirmed what she was thinking she felt her cheeks flush, a crimson color heating her cheeks as she buried her face in her hands. “You’re unnaturally good at keeping things from me,” she mumbled through her hands before moving them away from her face and propping herself up on one once more. 

Kelsey wrapped her arm around Bella and pulled her closer, her chin resting atop her head. “I think sleep, we have the rest of the summer to talk about.. stuff right?” she suggested as the mention of sleep brought about a drowsiness she hadn’t noticed. Geez she was missing so much. First Bella’s crush and now how tired she was. “Unless you wanna talk, in that case I’ll apologize right now for dozing off,” she smiled sheepishly.

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Bella hummed contentedly, cuddling with Kelsey and entangling their legs together. Smooth, soft legs, warm like heaven. “I’d like that very much,” Bella smiled, kissing Kelsey’s forehead again. She liked just laying there with her, no pressure, no worries. Except, creeping in the back of her mind, the worry that in the morning, Kelsey would be less than excited about what had happened. 

"Um," Bella puckered her lips thoughtfully. Her fingers traces along Kelsey’s side, rolling over the curves of her waist and hips like a roller-coaster cart. "I don’t know if it was so much as I liked girls as much as I like girl.” Bella blushed, looking a little more serious. As if it weren’t already obvious, Bella loved Kelsey. But how Kelsey felt mattered more, and Bella hadn’t been prepared to take that leap from friendship to anything more. Now, that fear was useless. “How about you? Do you like girls?” Bella had to know. She never thought Kelsey might…But, then again, Kelsey seemed to think the same thing about Bella.

Kelsey closed her eyes as Bella agreed, a content shush going over her body. She wondered if they’d spend the rest of the night like this, just laying in each others arms and smiled at the fact that this was happening at all. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought of this, of hooking up with Bella but she didn’t regret it. It was new, it was mind blowing and it was her best friend, the person who knew practically everything about her. 

At Bella’s hesitation Kelsey’s eyes sprung open. She squirmed as her hands traced along her skin, her ticklish hips uncontrollable from her effect. “A girl?” she repeated after her, a delayed understanding dawning on her. “Me?” She frowned as she thought back to the countless conversations she’d mindlessly droned on and on about to her, the complaining and the constant whining. She’d been hurting her with each conversation.. fuck. “I- Honestly? I have no idea. I’ve never even thought about hooking up with a girl and then you- that was-” Kelsey propped herself up on her elbow, her head leaning forward as she bent to kiss Bella for the umpteenth time. “I like this. And you know I love you.” She knew it wasn’t much of an answer but she was so confused she hoped it was enough.

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Bella laughed breathlessly at Kelsey’s comment, heat rising to her cheeks involuntarily. Kelsey looked beautiful, her hair mussed, cheeks flushed, a little sweaty. Not to mention naked in her arms. Bella rested her forehead against Kelsey’s, the tips of their noses touching like the still of an eskimo kiss.

"Well, I’ve done my research," Bella chuckled with a little wink. She gently raised her hand up and combed her fingers through Kelsey’s hair. When Kelsey suggested returning the favor, Bella’s heart flip-flopped. Yes, she wanted it so bad. But as the sex sobered her up some, she wanted Kelsey’s ‘first time’ to be special. Thankful for the kiss, giving her time to think through meddled thoughts, Bella kissed Kelsey back with equal need before pulling away. "I’m good, Kelse. But if you want to, I certainly won’t object." She smiled softly, kissing Kelsey’s plump lips once more.

Kelsey closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of Bella’s body right next to hers. It was nice being like this, close enough to feel her heart beating rapidly in her chest and feeling her skin rub up against her naked one. “Clearly!,” she giggled, leaning her head into her hand as her fingers combed through her probably sex crazy hair. Her own heart started beating rapidly at the thought of returning the favor. She’d never done anything like that on anyone else. What if she was horrible at it and it ruined the whole moment? She held her breath and tried to keep herself from freaking out as she waited for Bella’s answer.

"How about I do a bit of my own research and surprise you?" she smirked, thankful that Bella wasn’t demanding. If she was going to do this she wanted to be as good as her, wanted to give her the same pleasure and be comfortable in what she was doing. That didn’t mean she wasn’t going to let her hands travel though. Bella seemed to like it, did that mean she did too? "Why didn’t you tell me Bells? That you like.. girls?" she asked wondering if she was putting her foot in her mouth and ruining everything they’d just done.

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Kelsey was in the palm of her hand. Literally. Her sweet breaths panting in Bella’s ear only encouraged her, her whimpering words energized her. There was a feeling greater than simple, mindless, drunken lust here— She was making her best friend, her crush for the past two years, feel good. She, Bella, was the one who made Kelsey feel this way. Just the experience, and knowing she made it worthwhile to Kelsey (who certainly seemed to have forgotten about Jason at this point) was enough to satisfy Bella.

When Kelsey was done, laying on the mattress and catching her breath, Bella pulled out her fingers. They were dripping with Kelsey’s cum, and Bella realized this was the only thing she hadn’t figured out what to do with. At this point, all she wanted to do was cuddle up with Kelsey, so she pulled a tissue out from the box on the bedside table, wiped her fingers, and let the crumpled tissue land on the floor.

She fell beside Kelsey, wrapping her arms around her.

"God, you’re amazing," She sighed, kissing Kelsey on the forehead and giggled. "I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you liked it?"

As Bella slipped her fingers out of her dripping folds Kelsey was still trying to wrap her head around the possibility of ever feeling as good as she had just moments ago. Her fists relaxed, the fingers that’d been previously gripping the scratchy motel sheets easing and uncurling as she placed her hands on her stomach. 

A smile easily tugged at her lips as Bella fell in beside her. “I’ve never had an orgasm that big Bells, you can say I more than liked it.” Kelsey turned her body so that she was laying side by side with Bella, her arm wrapping around her waist as she pulled herself further into her arms. “You’re the one that’s amazing. Youre really good with your fingers you know that?” Kelsey smirked as she leaned her head back so she could gauge Bella’s reactions. “Did you want me to.. you know, return the favor? I’ve never-” Kelsey realized she was floundering like an idiot and decided to just shut up, leaning forward and pressing her lips against Bella’s.

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A blush spread throughout Bella’s body at the sight of Kelsey. Her arching back, her moans, her begging— it was real now. She wondered for less than a second if this was how Kelsey was with her previous boyfriends. If she’d ever felt this way with them before. Before, they would take about their sexploits and Bella would shove aside the jealousy that would itch at her skin. Tonight, that itch was scratched, and she would now be one of them. Swept away at first by the alcohol and then by the passion, Bella felt no remorse and didn’t even consider what could come the next morning.

Kelsey’s hands were off her, but Bella was too focused to care. A second finger slid in, working in tandem with the first. It became a dance with her hand and Kelsey’s bucking hips, rolling into her palm, juices dripping slowly over Bella’s fingers. Bella loved it, she loved the way they fit together like this, and went in faster, twisting her fingers as she thrust in and out. Kelsey pulled herself up, nearly sitting in Bella’s hand.

"Only for you, Kelse," Bella murmured huskily, smirking in satisfaction. She  rubbed Kelsey’s pulsing pink nub harder while nibbling on her pale neck. This position shifted things around, and Bella spread her fingers carefully inside of Kelsey and curled them, wondering if it would actually bring as much pleasure as Cosmo said it did.

Kelsey could definitely atest to the differences between having sex with a man and having sex with a woman. It’s not like she was an expert in the subject of either, her experience quite limited to two boys.. both of which had had nothing on the experience she was currently having with Bella. It was like Bella knew exactly what she wanted and knew exactly where to touch and how to touch her. While she sometimes had to fake an orgasm with her- with Jason, there would be no faking with Bella that was for damn sure. 

Kelsey knew just how wet she was by how fast her best friends fingers were pumping into her. “Good,” she murmured, her statement making her feel special. As Bella shifted her tactics (or maybe it was her newfound position) Kelseys fingers dug their hold on Bella’s shoulder, her nails trailing down her back as she moaned loudly. “You’re gonna make me cum Bells, you’re gonna..” Her voice was cut off as a wave of pleasure overcame her, her body rolling and writhing as she came hard while Bella continued to stroke and finger her pussy. “Fuck,” she breathed, the word repeated several times as her eyes shut tightly and she rode her fingers until she collapsed back onto the mattress, her chest heaving as she tried to collect herself. 

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Bella smirked weakly, groaning softly as Kelsey continued to pull at and flick at her pink tips. She wanted to grind her hips down at the brunette, but their position was a little compromising of that. She whimpered softly again at Kelsey’s touch. “Mmnn, Kelsey,” She hummed, pushing her chest down closer to the brunette. She let Kelsey’s name drip off of her tongue like honey, smooth and rich. As Kelsey tilted her head back, Bella kissed below her ear and whispered again: “Kelsey.”

She pulled down Kelsey’s shorts until they were off, uncurling her finger inside of Kelsey’s warmth, her hand still dipped in the girl’s boyshorts. She felt herself getting wetter at the sight of Kelsey and decided it was time to speed things along. The fire within her couldn’t slowly burn, and she rubbed around Kelsey’s clit quickly. Her finger pumped in and out, a rhythm that started slow, then sped up. She hooked it inside of her, searching for the spot that could make Kelsey scream. Moan her name, beg for more and more. Her index finger teased just outside of Kelsey’s glistening folds, ready to join Bella’s working middle finger.

A shiver ran down her scantily clothed body as Bella’s whispered words hit her. Why was it that this had only happened when they were so drunk out of their minds and one was slightly heartbroken? Would she have done any of this had the situation not been what it was? She had no clue. For the moment all Kelsey wanted to do was get off and then get Bella off once or twice in retribution for all the pleasure. “Bella,” she whispered back, giggling as she felt the material of her underwear sliding down the rest of her legs. She heard the soft thud of them landing on the floor and opened her eyes, a questioning look clear on her face as she raised a perfectly manicured brow in her direction.

Before she could protest much from the sudden removal of her best friends finger from her pussy it was back, this time without the obstacle of her underwear. “Oh.. Bella.. Bella right there,” Kelsey whimpered as her back arched off of the mattress. She let go of Bella’s nipples, promising to herself that she’d make it up later. Her small hands moved towards the sheets, her fingers turning into fists as she clenched the material in her grasp and turned her head to the side with a moan. She could feel her body responding to the rhytmn of Bella’s fingers, her muscles rolling and tightening as her hips rolled to meet Bella’s fingers thrust for thrust. She giggled, turning her head back towards her so she could see her expressions, the hunger in her eyes and the way she licked her lips. Kelsey propped herself up and leaned forward, snaking one of her arms around Bella’s neck and pulled her towards her burying her face in her neck before teasing her earlobe with her teeth. “You’re really really good at this Bells,” she murmured, a moan cutting her words off.

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